Children's Vision

Parents, did you know that it is recommended that your child has a full eye examination before they start school!

How easily a child can see their long distance and close vision school work can influence how well they learn through their visual system. At this examination, emphasis is on testing visual efficiency skills and visual analysis skills so that poor vision is not a stumbling block to first of all "learning to read" and later "reading to learn".

At Morrison's Family Eye Care Centre we do more than test your child's vision. We also assess the health of their eyes looking for signs of ocular disease. Appointments in the morning are preferred for children so that their performance in the eye test is not reduced because they are tired after a full day at school.

It is important to understand that having 20/20 vision doesn't exclude your child from having vision-related learning difficulties. There are many different visual skills your child requires to achieve good vision, when one of these don't develop correctly, learning can become difficult.

The most common vision problems in children include:

  • Short-sightedness - difficulty seeing objects in the distance
  • Long-sightedness - difficulty seeing close objects
  • Astigmastism - the front of the eye is shaped like a football rather than a basketball, this distorts vision

We have designed a 'CHECKLIST' that outlines some of the signs and symptoms that can be displayed by a child who has a vision problem.

If you would like your child to have a before school eye examination, please call our office on 1300 EYE 000 and speak with Lyndall, Steffen, Olivia, Ebany or Vicki to make an Appointment with Sallyanne or Joshua.