Contact Lenses

Contact LensesContact lenses have become popular as an alternative to wearing  glasses full time because they can offer greater freedom, convenience and safety for sports activities. Contact lenses can also provide more flexibility in choosing your own eye colour, from subtle to dramatic colours, to enhance or completely change your existing eye colour. Coloured contact lenses are also available with or without a corrective prescription. 

At Morrison's Family Eyecare Centre we specialise in contact lens fittings and contact lens care. Our Optometrists will prescribe a contact lens designed to suit the way you live your life, then check that your lenses fit correctly and comfortably, and provide clear vision. You will also be shown how to insert and remove them safely, and how to clean and care for your new contact lenses.

Contact Lens Eye Examination's and Assessments

Before fitting contact lenses to your eyes, we need to ensure that they are suitable for contact lens wear. We recommend a full eye examination if you haven't had one in the past 12 months, this initial examination is covered by Medicare. With contact lens assessments, fittings and aftercare for most people, unfortunately Medicare does NOT cover contact lens related consultations.

Once the initial pre-assessment has been completed, and assuming your eyes are suitable for contact lenses, a fitting consultation can take place. This involves placing the lenses in your eyes, checking how well they fit, how comfortable they are, and how well you can see. We then progress to a lesson on insertion, removal, and lens care, and I'll ask you to return within a week or two to see whether any fine-tuning needs to be undertaken on the fitting, comfort or vision of your lenses.

On some occasions, the lenses we select for your first fitting will not be the final lens design. We may want to change the material, shape or power of the lens for optimum fitting, vision and comfort. For some patients, several return visits are required before the correct lens fitting can be determined.

Our fitting fee is $150 and most patients are not eligible to receive any back from Medicare unless there prescription is within the contact lens billing guideline from Medicare Australia. The same fee of $150 applies whether your fitting requires only 2 visits or many more, and there are no charges for the trial lenses fitted.

Please make an appointment with Sallyanne or Josh for your contact lens assessment today!