'See Better, See Morrisons'

'See Better, See Morrisons'

'See Better, See Morrisons''See Better, See Morrisons''See Better, See Morrisons'

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About Us

Why Choose Us?

Morrison's Family Eyecare Centre do more than just sell spectacles, sunglasses & contact lenses. We are a locally owned full scope independent Optometry practice. Sallyanne & her team have been proudly serving Central Western NSW eyecare needs since 1999, providing tailored eye care, for you and your family, in a friendly caring environment.

We want you to leave feeling totally satisfied, with us having optimised your vision, whether you choose prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses or contact lenses. You can be assured we will provide you with a great range of solutions based on your work, leisure activities and eye care needs. We also have an extensive range of Australian and International brands for you to choose from.

What you can expect

We take the time to understand you and tailor all solutions to your unique vision, eye health and lifestyle needs. That’s why we not only evaluate the sharpness of your vision, we examine the internal and external health of your eyes at length to check for signs of eye disease, UV damage and other general health conditions. We won't compromise on your eyecare and we believe neither should you. 

Routine eye exams are important to maintain good eye health. You can be assured we have invested in the latest technology such as Optos (Digital Retinal Photography), (OCT) Optical Coherence Tomography and Visual Field Testing. With three fully qualified, Therapeutically endorsed Optometrists, booking an appointment is effortless.

What Makes Us Different

We are dedicated to providing our patients with unique eyewear and sunglasses of the finest quality. With the ever changing advances in lens technology, our three highly qualified Optical Dispensers are able to recommend the best frame, prescription sunglasses and lens products to suit both your lifestyle and budget. 

With the convenience of a local lens laboratory and Optical Mechanic on-site, we have the ability to dispense some spectacles the same day or within 24 hours.

Services & Products

Eye Examinations


Regular eye checks are important for visual comfort and to detect eye disease before it becomes an issue. Not only do we want you to have optimal vision, we also want your eyes to be healthy as well. 

Our equipment allows us to detect eye health issues, and in some cases general health issues as well.

Eyewear & Sunglasses


We want you to leave us feeling totally satisfied with an improvement to your vision problems, whether you choose prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses or contact lenses. We will provide you with an extensive and unique range to select from. Being a local business we also like support Australian designers and suppliers.

Spectacle Lenses


Whilst lenses may all look the same, there are vast differences in quality affecting; vision, visual comfort, UV protection, aesthetics and more. Whatever your requirements, we have  a tailor made solution to suit your vision and lifestyle requirements. We are educated on the latest lens technologies; including thinner, lighter materials to anti-reflective and UV and Blue light coatings to minimise reflections, maximise protection and improve clarity of vision with your prescription glasses and sunglasses.

Contact Lenses


Not everyone likes to wear spectacles. Whether it be for sport, travel or just lifestyle needs, contact lenses may be the answer. Contact lenses are suitable for people of all ages and offer an alternative solution for everyone. Book an appointment today with one of our Optometrist to discuss if contact lenses would be suitable as an alternative to spectacles.

Childrens Vision


Did you know that 1 in 5 children suffer an undiagnosed eye condition and that vision is responsible for 80% of your childs learning in the first 12 years. Children themselves won’t identify that there is anything wrong with their vision, they assume that they are seeing just like everyone else. And as their screen time increases eye examinations become more important than ever!

Eye Conditions


1 in 4 Australian's are at risk of losing all or part of their vision due to eye disease. Almost half will wait till their eyes deteriorate before having them checked. Many eye disease symptoms are invisible, so having the latest technology, with scanning and digital photography, we are able to detect any eye health issues and in some cases general health issues as well. 

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